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Bathurst Soaring Club (BSC), located near Bathurst, is one of the largest Gliding Clubs in NSW, Australia, only 2 1/2 hours drive from Sydney.

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Club Address:
"Pipers Field", Fremantle Road, Eglinton NSW 2795, click here to see where we are and how to get there.

Piper’s Field Co-ordinates: S33.377198 E149.519980 (33° 22' 37.9122"S 149° 31' 11.928"E) google map

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Ab Initio Course at Pipers Field
Next course will be in 24-29 Sep 2017

For more information click here

Thermal Summer_2015-2016 is out!
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SPOT Tracking: Click here


GFA safety pack
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Pipers Airfield Airspace Procedures...
Please log in to the member area to read it.

FLARM: All pilot members are urged to click here to make themselves familiar with the FLARM equipment. We think it will add greatly to the safety of our operations.

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Sunday October 23rd. 9:30 AM

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At Bathurst Soaring Club we’re always delighted to welcome new members to the fraternity of soaring!

To make your decision as easy as possible, we’ve summarised your options. Click here to download the "like to join us" PDF document.

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