About the Bathurst soaring Club

Bathurst Soaring Club Airfield
P.O. Box 1682, Bathurst, 2795
A.B.N. 21 317 633 811

Pipers Field (02) 6337 1180
(167 Fremantle Rd. 1.5km from Eglinton) Position: 33° 23' S 149° 30' E
Postal address:
Bathurst Soaring Club
P.O. Box 1682
Bathurst 2795
Email : contact us
Newsletter : Thermal
Secretary : secretary
Membership : 150 flying members
Fly : Weekends, Public Holidays
Launching : Aerotow
Facilities : Bar, Clubhouse, Bunkhouse, Camp sites, Workshop, Hangar sites available, Club owns airfield

Fleet Club:

4 dual seater gliders :
DUO Discus Turbo [GKX], DG-505-Orion [BSC], ASK13 [GUQ] and ASK21 [GBW]

3 single seater gliders :
SZD51 Jnr [WQP], DG300 [HDZ] and LS4 [CQN]

two tug planes and privately owned gliders

360 panorama (require Java)

HOW DO I GET THERE ? see map

From Sydney, drive through Lithgow to Bathurst . The trip takes about 3 hours.

Then to get to Pipers Airfield either turn off the Great Western Highway at Kelso to the Sofala Rd. then left at the horse racecourse- and drive to the village of Eglinton about 5 km north west of Bathurst, or travel straight through town without turning and across the long single lane bridge to Eglington.

From Eglinton then follow the Freemantle Road about 2 km to Pipers Airfield just beyond a narrow stone bridge. As you leave Eglinton you will pass two tall orange and white radio masts next to the road on your right.


The club is a non profit organisation. Flying and amenities are provided on a voluntary basis by club members.


We own our airfield, Pipers Field; have a spacious, well appointed Air-Conditioned clubhouse overlooking the strip with kitchen facilities, lounge with log fire; gas barbecue; a bunkhouse with basic accommodation, and shower and toilet block (There are also motels and guest houses in town).


If you are in the district you can phone the airfield or just drop in (we operate on weekends and public holidays) it may be possible to arrange a flight on the day. To avoid disappointment it is best to book ahead with our booking officer Margaret Jones (ph 02 4757 1824) or contact us


Air experience flights: (including temporary GFA membership)

  • $200 for a local flight of approx. 20 minutes
  • $250 for a Mt Panorama Special flight of approx. 30 minutes

If you become a member of BSC, flying is charged on a two part basis: A launching fee of about $40 and glider hire of $30-$36 per hour. Our qualified instructors give their time free of charge.

Care to join us, click here do download the "Like to join" document (pdf)


Airworthiness of aircraft, flying standards, and our training conform strictly to the high standards of the Gliding Federation of Australia and aviation authorities.

Safety Is Our Paramount Concern


Information about the joyflights or the club may be obtained at the airfield on weekends, or by writing
PO Box 1682, Bathurst NSW 2795
or contact us or phone the information number below.

Contact Numbers

Information and Bookings Margaret Jones 02 4757 1824
Pipers Field Duty Pilot 02 6337 1180
(weekends only)
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