Australian Gliding Links
Gliding Federation of Australia
Australian Soaring
(Unofficial) Australasian Turnpoints
New Zealand Gliding Links:
Oramara Gliding club

USA Gliding Links
Amarillo Soaring
Arizona Soaring Association
Blue Ridge Soaring Society
Glider Pilot Network
Gulf Coast Soaring Club
Las Vegas Soaring
Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association
Mohawk Soaring Club
Philadelphia Glider Council
Piedmont Soaring Society
Prescott Soaring
Reese Center Soaring (Texas)
Shenandoah Valley Soaring
Skyking Soaring - Arizona
Skyline Soaring Club
Soaring & Gliding Directory
Soaring Museum (USA)
Soaring Society of America
Soaring Trader
Somerset Soaring
South Jersey Soaring Society
Tucson Soaring Club

UK & Europe Gliding Links
Birmingham Soaring Society
Cotswold Gliding Club
Hungarian Soaring Holidays
Karlstad Gliding Club
Lasham Gliding Club (UK)
Leningrad Aviation & Sport Club
Lincolnshire Gliding Club
Lithuania Soaring
Midland Gliding Club
Shropshire Soaring Group
South Wales Gliding Club
Vintage Glider Club (UK)


Commercial Links:
Australian Sky and Weather
Borgelt Instruments
Microair Avionics

Tasman Instruments

Other Gliding Links
OCL Online Contest
Cumulus Soaring
Gliding Records
Gliding Forum
Soaring Webring
On-line Magazine
Krasnoff Soaring Simulator
Sailplane directory
Silent Flight
Fox Aerobatic Gliders
Kaz Shimada's Soaring & Aerospace Links
Paul Remde's Gliding Links
Tips for X-Country Soaring
Patagonian Soaring
Brazilian Soaring
Palm Pilot Final Glide Calculator
Soaring Pilot Software

Vaal Reefs Gliding Club (South Africa)

more links to come...


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