Past issues of Thermal


Happenings at our own Pipers Field.
4 April 2008
Do you realise this is a no standing zone? Brian Bailey writing another ticket...
Julie Lentle gives John Carr a hand.
The wild bunch. Armin Kruger, Paul Drew, Chris Papas, David Wilkins
and Trevor Watkins being decisive.
It was a great soaring day. As you can see the sky to the east had scatterd cumulus.
The cloud base went up to 9000' and more. Many pilots went towards Oberon
and Lithgow. Remember there is an 8500' Class E step out that way.
Visiting pilot with Col Turner.
Julie and Franco, true love.
Tafe off with the iron thermal.
Yup, Don Grey got a ticlket from Brian as well.
Typical Pipers launch conditions. Tailwind, but al least is is not
a crossed tailwind.
View from Winburndale towards Portland.
Lookiing towards Mudgee. Another great day at Pipers Field.



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