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18 August

Dear Members,

News from the President

News from the President
We held a Committee meeting on Sunday 10 August in the icy cold briefing room while snow and sleet fell outside. A few points of interest were discussed.

Liquor Licence:
Bob McDonald has been working pretty hard to get a liquor licence under the new provisions of the legislation. He has come up trumps by securing a licence that allows us to trade every Saturday for the next twelve months. Great work Bob!

We’ve received advice that one of the Pawnees will need to have the fabric on its wings replaced within the next couple of years. This is a big expense and a lot of work. We are in the process of obtaining a second opinion and are investigating a number of options to see which is the best, most cost efficient, way to get this done.

Hangar Rash:
At the moment the K21, LS4 and the DG300 all have damage that was caused in the hangar. These three gliders represent an investment of about $350,000 and are owned by each and every one of us. Please be careful with them!!

Engineering Course:
There will be a course run at Pipers next month. An email has already been sent to all members concerning this course. The issue of the club subsidising the fees of those attending was discussed. The consensus was that it is not appropriate to subsidise attendees at this course. Ours is a club where a large number of people do a lot of work. Much of this work is behind the scenes. No one gets paid for their work unless there is some commercial aspect for the club. The difficulty with subsidising one aspect of the operation is where do you stop? My experience has been that there is always someone who (quite rightly) thinks, “Well what about me?” For example, should we subsidise the tug pilots to help them maintain their pilot’s licences? The policy is that there will be no subsidies. The club will always consider special needs situations on their merits but the general policy is as stated above.

Pie Cart:
Peter Edkins will arrange to have the power connected to the Pie Cart. This will complete a long process of upgrading that facility. Quite a few club members have been involved in this work. There are too many to name them all but some significant contributors have been Brian Bailey, Peter Edkins, Chris Bennett and Robbie Bull. Thankyou to all who have been involved.

T Hangar for Sale:
We have received a number of applications for hangars. Before we consider the allocation of sites to build new hangars, we have decided to sell the hangar recently purchased by the club. “WW”s old hangar (suitable for gliders up to 25 metres) is to be sold by the club. Only members of this club are eligible to purchase this hangar. The hangar will be sold by tender. Bob McDonald is running the tender process and will circulate something shortly. Without wishing to re-ignite last year’s debate, please remember the purchaser will only own the structure and not the land upon which it is standing.

Sale of K13:
We have decided to sell “UQ”. Bob McDonald is again in charge of this project and is in discussion with a possible buyer. UQ has a long history with this club and has served us very well. It was a difficult decision to make but we have to act rationally and “PX” is the better airframe so is the logical aircraft to keep.

Purchase of New Glider:
There has been a lot of work put into some financial forecasting for our club. In two years we will be in a position to purchase a new glider. We will have around $150,000 to spend. Initially there was a lot of support for the purchase of another K21. However there is also an argument for the purchase of another cross country two seater (such as a Duo Discuss). This is a big decision that we must get right. For that reason, the type of aircraft to be purchased will be up for discussion at the AGM on 26 October 2008. Every club member will have the opportunity to air their view on this subject before the decision is made. Please take an interest and have your say.

The recipients of our annual trophies have been decided upon. Last year only one trophy recipient was in attendance at the AGM to be personally awarded their trophy. This year I will notify each recipient before the AGM so they can attend and have their trophy awarded in front of their peers.

Annual General Meeting:
This year we will hold the AGM at Pipers. I have made that decision not because I live here but in an effort to get better attendance than we did last year. Janine Humphrey is organising a function for the night of 25 October. She always gets a great response to these functions with about 70 people usually in attendance. Last year we had about 30 at the AGM in Parramatta.

Stepping Down:
I was elected President last year. I know it is traditional to stand for a second term however for personal reasons I am stepping down this year and not re-standing. I am however seeking re-election as an ordinary Committee member. I have asked Bob McDonald to stand for election as president and he has accepted. I believe Bob is exactly the right man to lead us for the next few years. He is a successful business man and a very experienced glider pilot. Time and time again Bob has demonstrated not only that he has the club’s best interests at heart but that he is prepared to fight on our behalf. I urge all of you to get behind Bob and elect him as president. The Secretary, April Meredith, will shortly notify all members of the particulars of the AGM. Please get involved – it’s your club so have a say!

It has been an honour to serve as your President.
Martin Wookey



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