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Maintenance Peter Newcomb

Engineering Course 2006

Len Diekman will be running an Engineering Course at Pipers from Sunday 3rd September for one week, ending on Saturday 9th September 2006.

The course is open for those wanting to obtain a Component Replacement rating, and also those wanting to upgrade  their Component Replacement Rating up to an Inspectors rating.

For more information contact Peter Newcomb, or Len Diekman    Phone   0401 713 610
preferably between 8:30 and 9:30 am

Tyres Again
There have been cases in the last few months where an aircraft has passed a Daily Inspection, with a tyre that looked OK, but was under inflated. Check that all tyres are pumped up to the listed pressures before the aircraft goes on line for the day.

The K21 tail wheel tyre has a stated pressure of 38psi. However, the new rear wheel is now slightly out of round on its flanges, and overseas information suggests a pressure of 45psi is more appropriate for the tail wheel tyre. From now the suggested pressure for the K21 rear tyre is 45psi, with 38psi as the absolute minimum pressure.
Putting aircraft away
When a glider is put back into the hanger at least three people should be involved, one on the wingtip, one at the tail, and one pushing at the leading edge of the wing very near the fuselage.

Take great care with the small tail wheel as it goes over the door rails. The Junior earlier this year had its third major tail repair from damage to the fiberglass when it was being taken in or out of the hanger.

Report all Heavy Landings
If you make a heavy landing you should report it to one of the instructors on duty. The aircraft MUST be examined by someone with an Airworthiness Inspectors rating before it flies again to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly .

The Junior has suffered damage from being run along at speed on the nose skid when landing. After touchdown the stick should be eased back to the back stop to ensure the tail wheel remains on the ground and the nose is well clear during the ground run. The damage to the Junior included a 60mm open crack behind the nose skid, and separation of the floor pan (which holds the stick, rudder pedals and instrument panel) from the skin of the aircraft.


The Junior -  WQP  - Form 2 Examination                          

The Form 2 examination for the Junior was carried out on Saturday 22 July and on Sunday 23-7-06 in the hanger at Pipers.Alan McGown was the Inspector in charge of the work .He was helped by Ian Richards, Phil Greenhalgh and Peter Newcomb on both Saturday and Sunday. The work was completed on Sunday, but Alan could not do the evaluation flight on Sunday afternoon, due to the continuous rain which prevented any Sunday flying. The test flight was carried out on the following Saturday afternoon 29 July by Robert Bull, to get the Junior  back on line for another year. The Junior is very popular at and flying most days.
El Presidente Peter Hanneman helps the crew, Peter Newman,
Phil Greenhalgh, Ian Richards and Alan McGown
Floor pan area repaired
Ian and Alan discussing tactics
A  job well done
Flight of the Junior  
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