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Brian Erich Acker 8 November 1958 - 20 October 2008

Sadly Brian did not recover from his resent illness and major operation and passed away on 20 October 2008.

Our deepest sympathy to Ali, Tina, Hiedi and the rest of Brian's family.

Brian's funeral

A service for Brian was held at the Sutherland Uniting Church on 24 October. Several hundred people attended to say farewell including more than thirty BSC members.

Brian's wife Allison and Ross Kelly of HARS gave eulogies, and his two daughters Tina and Heidi read a poem.

After the service, the HARS Winjeel flew over the church
as the mourners gathered below.
Brian was an active member of HARS, where he will be
sorely missed.
A large group of friends and family members met to
share their memories of Brian.
Brian was cremated at the Woronora Cemetary and Crematorium.

Brian's other vehicle was a classic Mustang, not the kind with wings,
but we feel sure that he now has a beautiful pair of wings of his own.

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