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Bathurst Soaring Club - Trial Instructional Flight

In this flight, after a thorough briefing from a qualified and experienced instructor, you will experience soaring like a bird over Bathurst. 

Taking off in formation behind the tug, you will release at approximately 2000 feet above the ground, where you will experience the magic of silent flight. You will be told how the glider works, shown the controls, and you can even try flying the glider yourself if you want, as the instructor guides you all the way. 

You are welcome to bring small cameras, or you may leave it on the ground for a friend or friendly club member to look after (and take photos of you!). 

The recipient will also receive a Certificate of Flight, with the maximum height reached!

Please note - COVID requirements mean that you will be temperature checked on arrival, and guided through appropriate hygeine procedures. 

Weight is critical for a glider - we may not be able to take pilots in excess of 100kg. Any concerns, please call the club. 

To Redeem:

Please contact our Bookings Manager, Dave Wilkins, on 0438 464 076 or use our contact form here : https://www.bathurstsoaringclub.com.au/index.php/contact-us/5-gift-voucher and we will be happy to help.