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The comp will be known as the DG Run. (Duramana - Georges Pl). Any glider will be eligible & handicaps will apply. There are no set start times or days - pilots can choose to fly the task whenever & as often as they wish. Pilots can form a team to fly a 2 seater. Students / early solo pilots can fly with an instructor or coach. (Solo pilots not rated for cross country or not approved for cross country from Pipers, must fly a two seater with an instructor or coach). The comp will run from 1st July – 30th Sep. The pilot / team with the best speed during the 3 months will be the winner. 

Task;  Pipers – Duramana (road junction 8.6K NNE of Pipers) – Georges Plain (Bridge 15.5K S of Pipers) – Pipers.  Task distance 47.5K.

The coordinates for the turn points are in a file "Stepping_Stones_300921"  in either cup or dat format.
Click here to download

(Note: the TP “Georges Plain bridge” is in the village - it is not the outlanding stepping stone)

Start height  minimum 5000’   Finish height – not more than 500’ below start height (ie a start at 6000’, must finish above 5500’). 

A penalty will apply for finisher's exceeding the 500' differential. Starts below 5000' will not be scored.

The start and finish line will be a 2Km line, centred on the clubhouse and at right angles to the first outbound & last inbound track. Start & Finisher's must cross the line, to be scored.

OLC approved loggers are required (the club has 4 Nano’s & the Junior & LS4 have S100's) –  flights must be uploaded to HERE and the scorer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to be advised by email. 

From the IGC trace, the start, finish time & height, TP’s & time on task will be determined.

Speed will be calculated by 47.5/time to complete x h’cap. We’ll run a list of participant's speeds on the BSC web page.