Gliding is the ultimate flying experience which inspires, challenges and enthralls a diverse group of people.  It is a sport that can be enjoyed at all levels: from relaxation on a quiet local flight, to experiencing the thrills of soaring across the countryside, to the excitement of aerobatics and regional and international racing competitions.

Gliders soar using the same air currents that eagles and albatross use to fly, but gliders have also been designed with the kind of aerodynamic efficiency that enables top speeds of up to 260 kph. Distances of over 1200km have been covered in one day in Australia and heights of over 40,000 feet have been achieved. Gliding gives you the freedom to explore the world from a unique bird's eye view whilst enjoying a safe and challenging sport.

Gliding is also a sport for all ages - from those who go solo on their 15th birthday through to those who take up the challenge in their 50s or later. There is no upper age limit and many glider pilots enjoy gliding well into their 70s and beyond.