The training panel is now following the new Operation Directive from the GFA for glider pilot annual check / Flight review. This GFA OD came into effect on 3 August 2020.

From now, pilots who wants to have a flight review needs to be prepared and fill up the attached form prior to do their flight review with an instructor.  

Also, very new... as you will see on the section B (before the flight), there is an item called "flight review online exam".

This exam is to encourage pilots to get back into the books to refresh those things they may have forgotten. Find below some Q&A about the flight review exam. So when you have some time, doesn't take long in fact! and you might learn few things!, please use the link below. For those pilots who have already had their annual check, please do the exam.

You can find more information and Q&A about the new Flight Review process at:


Exam Q&A

  1. What subjects are included in the exam?
    The ‘Flight Review’ exams draw on the same questions (and answers) from the ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ Certificate and the Flight Radiotelephone exams that our GPC students have been answering for the past two years. These cover basic airworthiness, basic theory, flight rules and procedures, meteorology, airspace and altimetry, and radio procedures. In addition, we’ve added some Human Factors questions, and for the instructor exam we have added some questions around Instructor Theory and Practise.
  2. How do you take the exam?
    The online ‘Exam Menu’ can be accessed via the ‘MyGFA’ tile in ‘GoMembership’. The exams are not time limited and can be done open book or researched online. The aim of the exam is to encourage pilots to get back into the books to refresh those things they may have forgotten.
  3. Where can I find reference material?
    There are multiple source documents in the Operations Section of the GFA Documents Library at THIS LINK, such as our Manuals and Human Factors Resources, or in the Manual of Standard Procedures document suite. There are also many online resources, including Regulatory information from CASA (e.g. CAAP 166-1, the Aeronautical Information Publications, the Civil Aviation Regulations, etc.) and Skybrary from the Flight Safety Foundation.
  4. What is the pass mark for the exam?
    The pass mark is 80%; or 32 questions out of 40 for instructors and 28 questions out of 35 for non-instructor pilots. If a person fails the exam, they get the opportunity to sit another exam with different questions that they can take in their own time using references.
  5. What if a participant fails on the second attempt.
    It does not matter if a person fails the exam. All exam participants will receive an email with their answers to each question, together with the correct answer. They can present this email to their instructor as evidence they took the exam, and their instructor can work with them to fill any knowledge gaps as part of their flight review.
  6. What if a participant identifies an error in the questions and answer?
    If a participant identifies an error, they should write to Chris Thorpe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide the full question (the numbers in the exam do not correlate with the numbers in the question bank), and the amendment that needs to be made together with supporting references.