What do you get?

 Learn to soar like an eagle with a Trial Instructional Flight from Bathurst Soaring Club!

The adventure begins with your friendly instructor giving you some safety instructions and demonstrations - this is the time to ask all those questions! Once this is all done you’ll take the front seat of your sleek glider while your instructor flies from the rear seat. 

After a smooth take off, our tug aircraft will tow you to a suitable height, and the glider is released.  Now you can sit back and enjoy the unique thrill and tranquillity of silent flight that only gliding can provide.

If you are keen, you can fly the glider "hands-on" - taking control after we demonstrate the basics of flight to you in the air.  As the experience comes to a close, you will gently glide to a smooth landing, ready to jump out of the glider with a huge smile on your face.

We have 2 main offerings:

Standard Trial Instructional Flight - approximately 20 minutes flying time

Mt Panorama Instructional Flight - a little longer, about 30 minutes, and we go a bit further including over Mt Panorama!


Notes before you book


Bathurst Soaring Club is operating as normal, with COVID-safe procedures in place. However, as we all know things can change rapidly - please contact the club if there is any doubt as to operations and safe flying. 

All passengers and visitors to the club will have their temperature taken by a non-contact device. Strict hygeine rules are in place for your safety as well as ours. 

Gliding is also weather dependent - avoid disappointment by always calling the club before coming out!

Gliders are weight critical. We are required to ask or measure your weight before flight, and weights over 100kg may have difficulty being accommodated.


Trial Flight Gift Voucher - book here!

A unique experience like no other.

Experience silent flight over Bathurst! 


Trial Flight Gift Voucher- Mt Panorama Special - Book Here

The ultimate soaring experience

 We go a little higher, a little further, including over Mt Panorama. Our most popular option.


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