Care to join us?

At Bathurst Soaring Club we’re always delighted to welcome visitors and new members to the exciting and challenging sport of soaring! To make your decision as easy as possible, we’ve summarised several options below.


3-Month Trial Membership

If you are not entirely sure but you think you would like to take a few flights and some training to help you decide, a 3-Month Trial Membership could be just what you need! Trial Membership gives you 3 month's membership of both the GFA (the national gliding body in Australia) and Bathurst Soaring Club.

There are two choices here: 

  1. You can simply join as a temporary member for three months and fly on a "pay-as-you-go" basis for instructional flights taken during those three months. These flights will be charged for at the standard club rates for launch and glider hire.  The membership fees are $180 for club membership and $166 for the GFA. There is no joining fee payable and you can use these three months to decide if you want to get more involved in gliding.
  2. A better and more structured option is to take a short training package. The package that we offer includes your own Flight Log Book, a Basic Gliding Knowledge textbook with all the necessary theory, five Instructional flights at no further cost to you, and the right to take as many additional instructional flights as you like during that 3-month membership period, paying only normal club rates. Cost: $575 including 3-month membership of both GFA and BSC.

3-month membership of the GFA does not automatically extend into full membership and expires after the three months have passed. You need to renew your GFA membership on their website ( and choose the 12 month option to continue with your gliding training (it is not possible to take out more than one 3-month membership with the GFA). 

Converting to a full 12-month membership with BSC is as simple as paying the 12-month membership fee which is currently $360. You must complete these two transactions if you wish to continue flying with us.

If you are under age 26, a better option is to take out a 12-month Junior membership.  See below.


Full Membership

As an alternative to using the 3-Month Trial Membership, you can go straight to Full Membership and get involved in this exciting sport! This option gives you access to one of the best equipped and best situated private gliding clubs in Australia with its own airfield, gliders, clubhouse, etc.


Current 2021/2022 Costs as at 1/05/2021 are:

Membership  BSC Annual  GFA  1st Year Total 
General (age 26 years or over)  $370  $320  $690
Family (i.e., a relative of a) Member (age 26 years or over)  $185  $320  $505
Junior Membership (age less than 26)  $166  $166  $332


See you at Piper's Airfield soon! Welcome and have fun!

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