At Bathurst Soaring Club we’re always delighted to welcome visitors and new members to the exciting and challenging sport of soaring!

Whether you want to offer someone special an unforgettable experience with a Gift Certificate,  you would like to try gliding yourself or you are keen to learn how to glide or to improve your gliding skills, learn about glider maintenance or just go gliding because you love it, this is the place for you. With us, you can also improve your flying skills with cross-country and aerobatics training. Our RAAus and GA pilot friends can also benefit from spin training using our gliders.





A trial flight is called an “Air Experience Flight”, or "AEF" for short. The AEF consists of one flight with an instructor in a two seat, dual control glider. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery, or you can experience the thrill of flying the aircraft yourself under the instructor's direction.  

The basic AEF is approximately 20 minutes and costs $250.

A longer, more scenic flight known as the "Mount Panorama Special" lasts for about 30 minutes and costs $300.

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How can I buy an Air Experience Flight?



At weekends:

We have instructors on duty every weekend and one weekend a month through summer we operate from Friday through Monday so you can learn to fly at these times. 

During our ab initio courses:

Ab initio March 2017 angle

However, intensive training is by far the best way to acquire and consolidate new flying skills

Our club holds 7-day courses for beginner pilots on a regular basis. These courses run for 7 days, Saturday to Friday.

Date of the next course:

Sat September 4th – Fri September 10th

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Click here to view a video prepared by one of our ab initio course student a few years ago.



You have several options if you would like to become a Bathurst Soaring Club member.

 - 3 month trial membership if you are not entirely sure, but you think you would like a few more flights and training after your initial AEF

 - Full Membership and get involved in this exciting sport

 - If you are under age 26 we have a discounted membership category and fixed instructional flying charges

To make your decision as easy as possible, go to the "Join Us" page for more information



Cross country 3A WW 2017

To fly cross-country away from the airfield where you launched (often hundreds of kilometres away), hopping from one thermal to another, is the ultimate thrill for many gliding pilots. It requires advanced skills and experience and we can give you the opportunity to be part of this unique experience.  This is available from the second or third season you are with the club, initially in club two seater gliders with an instructor or coach aboard.     
It is necessary to learn how to read and understand the terrain and weather, and to handle safely the occasional “outlanding” in a farmer’s paddock. Taking a sailplane long distances using only what Mother Nature offers is deeply satisfying.   

outlanding WW 2016

Our club offers cross-country training to our members as well as many cross-country gliding opportunities from Pipers Fields and during our camps away from Bathurst, usually in the central west of NSW where you have the opportunity to plunder the summer soaring conditions that region has to offer.

Our club also often organises talks on cross-country topics, both at camps and on selected Saturday evenings at Pipers

Check our calendar for upcoming cross-country training and camp dates  (select Camps and Training courses) and talks.

Cross country talk 2016

Spot tracking: The "Spot" is a GPS device carried by cross-country pilots which regularly transmits the glider's position via the satellite phone system to a central site on the internet:  click here to keep track of our pilots who have gone on cross-country flights for the day.



aerobatic training aaron 2016 Gliders are surprisingly aerobatic so learning how to do loops and chandelles and other aerobatic manoeuvres is great fun. It also makes you a better pilot and builds confidence in your ability to handle the aircraft in all situations.

Our club offers our solo members opportunity to train in aerobatics.

Check our calendar for upcoming training dates (select training courses)




Our club counts among its midst very experienced and knowledgeable members in aircraft maintenance and airworthiness. As a result, our club proudly offers regular courses open to our members as well as the general gliding community.

Among these courses are:

- Replacement of Components

- Annual Inspector

- Basic Powered Sailplane inspection

- Weight and Balance

Check our Calendar for upcoming courses dates (select Airworthiness courses).



If you are an RAAus or GA pilot and would like to train in spin recovery, we can offer a training package using our gliders. Click here for more information.